Sparinvest monitors German lawsuit

A German lawsuit, claiming that shares were sold too cheap when Deutsche Bank acquired the company Deutsche Postbank from Deutsche Post in 2010, is currently taking place in the Cologne appeal court. The outcome of the case is uncertain, but in the event that the plaintiff’s claim is approved by the court, a number of Sparinvest SICAV sub-funds can potentially gain from the lawsuit, being former Postbank shareholders.

On 29 January 2016, we notified the Copenhagen Stock Exchange about an ongoing lawsuit in Germany potentially affecting a range of Sparinvest sub-funds. The case revolves around a claim put forward by Effecten-Spiegel AG, seeking to prove that Deutsche Bank’s acquisition of Deutsche Postbank did not reflect a fair market price of the underlying shares. If a ruling is made in favour of this claim, a number of Sparinvest sub-funds may claim financial compensation from Deutsche Bank.

The following sub-funds, which have owned Deutsche Postbank shares, are comprised by the announcement made to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange:

Sparinvest SICAV:
Global Value
European Value
Ethical Global Value

It should be highlighted that it is very difficult to assess the potential outcome of the ongoing case, but Sparinvest will provide an update if the court reaches a ruling that can potentially benefit the sub-funds in question.


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