New Chief Investment Officer

Sparinvest has appointed 48-year-old Swede Thomas Gunnarsson as new Chief Investment Officer. He is to replace Jørgen Søgaard-Andersen, who took over as Chief Executive Officer after Per Noesgaard on September 1st.

Thomas Gunnarsson, new CIO, Sparinvest

The position of CIO makes Thomas Gunnarsson a member of the Executive Board, which was also expanded with two new members to bring it to a total of seven. Thomas Gunnarsson will start in his new position on November 5th.

As CIO, Thomas Gunnarsson will be responsible for all Sparinvest’s products. There will be no changes among the other employees in Sparinvest’s Asset Management team.

“I know Thomas Gunnarsson both personally and professionally from our time together at ATP Alpha. He was first CFO, then co-CIO and finished as CEO. He managed the various areas of responsibility in ATP Alpha with a sure and steady hand, and I’m sure that with him on the team Sparinvest can continue to build on the great results we have achieved in recent years”, says Jørgen Søgaard-Andersen. He is very happy with both Thomas Gunnarsson’s international background and also his in-depth knowledge of the Danish financial world.

Thomas Gunnarsson was born and educated in Sweden but has worked in Denmark for many years, most recently as CFO in Bankinvest. He graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics with an M.Sc. In Economics and business Administration in 1994, then worked in London for two years at L.E.K consulting. He returned to Sweden where he was employed by the investment company AB Industrivärden, first as an analyst and later as a trader and portfolio manager. He moved to Denmark in 2004 and started at ATP as Portfolio Manager in the investment department in Hillerød. He helped to build up and lead ATP Alpha up to 2013, working with Jørgen Søgaard-Andersen for six years.

New Directors responsible for Corporate Services and Operations

At the same time as the appointment of Thomas Gunnarsson, Sparinvest has strengthened its Executive Board with two new members:

Head of Legal Lise Bøgelund, who has been at Sparinvest for 11 years, is now Legal Director. Lawyer Lise Bøgelund graduated with a Master’s degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen in 2003. She came to Sparinvest in 2007 after first working in the Ministry of Employment and then in the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs. For the past six years she has been Head of the group’s legal department and the Executive Secretariat. 

IT Manager Lars Højberg has been at Sparinvest for seven years and is now COO. Lars Højberg graduated from CBS with an M.Sc. in Finance in 1989. His first position was in Privatbanken (which later became Nordea), where he remained until finishing as Deputy Executive Director of Nordea in Luxembourg in 2008. He subsequently became CEO for Bankinvest in Luxembourg before starting at Sparinvest in 2011, where he has been IT Manager for the past four and a half years.



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